with Dr. Janene Martin, N.D.

The goal of helping you achieve optimal wellness is accomplished in large part by adequately assessing your unique physiology. What can be learned from analyzing your lab work is indispensable.

During your one-hour Blood Nutrition Analysis appointment with Dr. Martin you will receive a thorough personalized assessment and written report of your blood work. With this report you will have a tool to truly understand the patterns found in your lab results. You will also be given specific instructions on what lifestyle and dietary changes to make and why.


Your report includes:

• An easy to read color-coded table of your results showing how your results relate to laboratory as well as “functional”/optimal reference ranges.

• Thorough descriptions of what laboratory result patterns are present and what those patterns may indicate in terms of your physiology as a whole.

• Personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations including food charts and meal menus of particular foods you will want to include and eliminate in your diet.

• Treatment recommendations with many documented references showing the effectiveness of the ingredients of any recommended products.

• Patient handouts on topics related to supporting your specific condition(s).


List of tests included in the Blood Nutrition Report.



  • Blood Nutrition Analysis appointment and report – $500
  • Blood Nutrition Report only – $200


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