“Ask Dr. Martin” offers an opportunity to speak with an experienced Naturopathic Doctor to get answers to your general health related questions. 15-minute and 30-minute appointments are available.

Common examples of educational topics include:

    • Supplements and possible pharmaceutical interactions
    • Best practices for managing symptoms, diagnosis, and conditions
    • Types of testing for various health conditions and symptoms


“Ask Dr. Martin” appointments are conducted over the phone. Dr. Martin will initiate the call at your scheduled time to begin your appointment.


    • 15-minute appointment – $25
    • 30-minute appointment – $50


Please note:

    • This appointment does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship.
    • Dr. Martin will answer your questions as it relates to the general population and cannot address your specific health needs without becoming a patient. If you are interested in becoming a patient, please schedule a Case Review appointment


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