Personal Philosophy

Witnessing life-changing experiences, I have grown to appreciate the remarkable wisdom that we carry within us. My work is to aid each patient’s unique healing process with respect and compassion. In treating initial physical complaints we often must explore how our emotional, mental, and even spiritual experiences are affecting our physical health. It is my goal to create an opportunity for better health by utilizing modalities such as nutritional and lifestyle counseling, homeopathy, botanical medicine and hydrotherapy among other restorative tools.

I do not claim to have the magic bullet. I see my role as an educator and wholehearted supporter of each patient’s individual path to wellness. It is ultimately the patient who must do the most difficult work to ensure lasting change and disease prevention. Together we can create and support your pivotal moments of recovery.

Professional Life

Before entering medical school, I practiced as a licensed massage therapist utilizing Swedish, Ayurvedic, Polarity, reflexology, Breema and neuromuscular therapies.

Prior to and during my massage career, I worked at Oasis Center in Nashville, Tennessee for two years as a Transitional Living case manager with homeless youth in a voluntary Transitional Living program. My goal was to support homeless teens moving from street mentality to living independent successful, productive, healthy and happy lives. At the client’s request, I often had the honor of attending medical appointments. During these appointments I became painfully aware of the missed opportunities to educate these young people about their bodies and personal health concerns. Witnessing this, I realized that without this basic health education their success on many levels was extremely limited. My passion for this work grew out of these experiences.

Before working at the Oasis Center I worked for four years as a group facilitator leading personal growth development programs for companies and individuals. These programs included vision questing, ropes course and other experience-based models and techniques. This work was extremely rewarding and integral in shaping my current treatment style with patients.


I completed my naturopathic doctorate at National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. There I studied advanced levels of homeopathy, as well as advanced topics relating to pediatric and female patients. Since graduation I have continued to participate in cutting edge clinical training related to the endocrine, neurologic and immune systems.

I earned my undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree in art education from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. As you may have guessed, this left many pre-medical requisites to complete. These classes were completed at Volunteer State College where I gained a deep appreciation for the scientific medical study on which I was about to embark.

At Volunteer State I was immersed in an introduction to biology and chemistry. The teachers not only taught me a whole new language but were inspirational in the process. Their passion for teaching and depth of expertise in their fields inspired an art teacher to take on with confidence the first year of a four-year medical school.

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