Sunlight Natural Health has partnered with First Sense Medical to bring you the only FDA cleared thermography system, the Sentinel Breast Scan II to Maryland. The most advanced, sensitive, and reliable thermography services available anywhere.

The Sentinel BreastScan II provides a NON-INVASIVE BREAST SCREENING test done by Advanced Thermal Imaging that Identifies abnormal heat patterns in the breast tissue associated with Breast Cancer. With the assessment completed in under 5 minutes and detailed reporting returned in under 48 hours, we are revolutionizing how breast cancer risk is determined.

    *Hormone Therapy *Dense Breast *Implants
  • ONLY 4-6 minute test

Our goal is to ensure that every woman has access to affordable, non-invasive risk assessment and screening.

Did you Know:

  • 85% of Breast Cancers occur in average-risk women
  • An abnormal thermal breast scan is 10x more significant as a risk indicator for cancer than family history
  • Our Breast Scan uses no radiation and no compression

What is Breast Thermology?

Breast Thermology is a non-invasive test that can identify abnormal heat patterns in breast tissue produced by physiologic changes that may be associated with the risk of breast cancer.

Why Use Breast Thermology?

  • With 60-85% of women diagnosed with breast cancer having no family history or known risk factors, advanced thermal imaging can provide additional information to better assess risk in women of all ages.
  • Conventional breast cancer risk assessment does not account for physiologic changes in the breast.
  • Thermal imaging identifies abnormalities associated with increased blood flow and poor blood vessel formation.
  • Advanced thermal imaging can improve your assessment process by identifying abnormalities that may become cancer.

About The Sentinel BreastScan II

The Sentinel BreastScan II is the only commercially available, FDA Cleared adjunctive screening method that automates the cool air challenge and is designed specifically to detect abnormalities associated with blood flow.

Simple, easy to read reporting, based on objective, quantitative measurements, validated by expert analysis.

  • Convenient, non-invasive scan takes less than 5 minutes
  • Appropriate for women with dense breasts and implants

Thermograms use your body’s infrared image to assess your breast health and more, as a true way of screening your body for disease.

  • Earliest physiologic changes noted
  • High Rate of false positives resulting in unnecessary biopsies & treatment
  • Non-invasive, No touch needed
  • Can be painful/uncomfortable
  • No radiation exposure
  • Radiation exposure which stimulates cancer growth & metastases
  • Effective for breast tissue that may be dense, fibrocystic, or scared from previous surgery, as well as or for younger women.
  • Significant interference with accuracy for dense, fibrocystic, young and /or early glandular breast tissue or scarring from previous surgery often leading to more mammography, ultrasound, or tissue biopsy
  • No Compression, so safe for implants
  • Risk of damaging implants due to compression

Cost $250 /scan

  • 10% discount on future scans ($225)
  • 10% discount on first scan for Current patients ($225)
  • March Special 20% discount ($200)