First step: Be sure to save the form to *your computer* so that any edits you make will be captured.

get_adobe_readerYou can print the form, fill it out the old-fashioned way and mail or fax it. Or you can fill it out electronically using the PDF Typewriter function. If you do not have the free Adobe™ Reader software, you can download it from Adobe’s site.

pdf-typewriter-iconTypewriter Tool

Click on the Typewriter icon in the toolbar of Acrobat Reader each time you want to position the cursor to enter data in the form.

• Click the typewriter icon (as shown above)
• Click where you want to type
• Click the typewriter icon again to ‘reload’ and then click the mouse pointer again to reposition the insertion point for the next field entry
• Note: After typing your entry into any area on the form, you can reposition the text by simply clicking and dragging the text block to where it should appear

Once completed, the form can be saved and emailed to our offices, or printed and faxed/mailed, or brought with the patient at the time of their appointment.