For each client I have the privilege to work with it is of the upmost importance for me to see results. That being said I can’t do it alone. This process requires that we both fully engage if you are to see and feel lasting change. I am fully committed to completing the process and seeing it through.

Before we can begin we must first discuss your health concerns and clarify your goals. I need a clear idea of what you are wanting and ready to accomplish. I must also share with you the types of recommendations and methods that I may use to support your process so that you can decide whether this is right approach for you. Gone are the days of taking a back seat to your health with others in the drivers seat. It is time that you know and feel that your results rest on your actions. If you atruely ready for health and wellness and you are willing to change course to get there then we have a journey to prepare for.

We begin with an Introductory Consult where we will discuss these fundamentals so I may best tailor an individual plan that will meet your needs, goals and expectations.

In this Introductory Consultation I will:

  • Explain my philosophy and functional medical approach as it relates to your goals.
  • Explore your health concerns, goals, what steps you have already taken, what has been successful for you and what hasn’t, what lifestyle modifications you are willing to make and those you are not.
  • With the information from above, we will determine whether I am the best fit for you and whether you are a good match for what I can offer.
  • Discuss a personalized Blood Nutrition Report and how to use this tool to jump-start your progress.
  • Answer questions you may have about my training and expertise.
  • Clarify next steps.

If you are ready to get started with changing your health call to schedule your Introductory Consultation today. The cost its $195. If, on the day of our meeting, we decide to move forward, this fee will be deducted from your plan pricing.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

All the best,

Dr. Martin