How to become a patient….

Schedule a 40 min. (non-medical) introductory Consult.

Dr. Martin’s Naturopathic  & Functional medical approach differs greatly from the standard care you have been trained to expect.  She asks and answers the why’s of symptoms so that you know what you can do differently to feel better and improve your health.  This requires a detailed and thorough exploration of your health history and current state.

In this Introductory Consultation Dr. Martin will:

  • Explain how her naturopathic philosophy and functional medical approach will help you optimize your health.
  • Determine whether Dr. Martin’s approach is the best fit for you.
  • Dr. Martin will listen to your health goals and concerns, the steps you have already taken toward achieving those goals, what has worked for you and, what has not, what lifestyle modifications you are willing to make as well as those you may not see the benefit of yet.
  • Discuss a personalized Blood Nutrition Report and how to use this tool to jump-start your progress.
  • Answer questions you may have about her training and expertise.
  • Clarify your next steps.